Professional Interim Executive Director Placement

I provide steady executive leadership during times of transition, strengthening the organization and preparing it for the next step of its evolution. By taking time to pause before jumping into a search for a new leader, organizations can assess their current state, consider whether any major changes should be made to their strategies or structures, and use the time of transition as an opportunity to shift in a healthier and more joyful direction.

Alternative Leadership/Organizational Structure Consulting

Is your organization considering changing its structure? I facilitate spaces for teams to come together and reflect on how they want to make decisions and work together, so that any changes to structure are informed by culture, values, and strategy.

Leadership Coaching

I mix coaching styles to fit your needs, helping you solve difficult problems or learn new ways of working. From time and energy management to navigating shared leadership structures to strategic planning, I draw on a wealth of experience to partner with you in moving forward effectively.

Equitable Operations

I can dig deep into your policies and practices with you, helping you find creative ways to better support your staff. Changing policies can transform the experience staff have in the workplace. As nonprofits increasingly experiment with more liberatory practices, it is crucial to ensure that written policies and procedures align with those values.

Transforming Philanthropy

Nonprofits are radically under-resourced. Funders can and should shift their approaches in order to support nonprofits in doing more to serve our communities. I can analyze your funding practices and provide a clear, actionable plan for you to move further in the direction of equitable, trust-based philanthropy.

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